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Hi! *waves*
I would not normally come post over on a house LiveJournal, but our Heads of House really wanted me to pass on the information that was on _witchinghour_ again. Volunteers earn points for their house, and we're especially in need of Quidditch volunteers. If you're playing on a professional team, you won't be able to referee, but anyone else is welcome! Referees and Snitch movers work in pairs, by the way, so that takes some of the pressure off, too. (And, best of all, you get to blow a wizardy purple whistle if you're a referee.) Snitch movers stroll around the pitch and run across once in a while with the Snitch, but the referees won't need to run so much.

The Witching Hour's Wicked Awesome Volunteer Team is seeking a few more helping hands for the conference. Could you spare a few hours to do something you'll mostly likely enjoy? We are still in need of the following:

Programming is seeking four volunteers to monitor rooms and introduce the speakers. Shifts are available for both presentations and author events, and this group will provide make-up training on Thursday, October 6, in the late afternoon for volunteers not arriving on Wednesday.

Registration and Information Desk/Prefects
Want to be the first to welcome folks to the conference (and then, like Dobby, be free?) or chat with them about the programming at the Registration and Information Desks? Prefects are also needed to wander Salem, giving and taking points and providing helping hands with events. Make-up training for volunteers not arriving on Wednesday is available by arrangment. Five volunteers are needed.

Support crew--referees and human Snitches!--are needed for the American Professional Quidditch Association tournament on Saturday, October 8! House players who want to immerse themselves in the game, (former) armchair coaches, and those willing to speak up when fair is foul and foul is fair have the necessary skills. National Public Radio will cover the event for their program "Only a Game." Training is available on Saturday morning, so student registrants and weekend attendees are encouraged to join in. Eight volunteers are needed.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Interested? Please e-mail

Thanks again! See you in Salem!
Lead Event Organizer
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