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meme for house members I was just curious to see just who was in our house. Beside the standard this is what I do and I like Harry Potter. So let the inquisition begin (in a History of the World type way): (I went ahead and offered myself as the first victim)

1. Name or what you would like to be called online for the sake of privacy
2. Favorite childhood cartoon
The Last Unicorn, but Care Bears and Rainbow Brite hold a special place
3. Best/or worst birthday present ever
my mom paid for a limo to take my friends and I to see RENT on my 18th
4. Best/or worst Halloween costume
when I was about 5 I had this witch costume that was made out of one those preprinted patterns. Just cut the lines on the fabric and sew. It had all these glow in the dark pumpkins and moons and stars. I cried the year I out grew it.
5. Celebrity that you wouldn't kick out of your bed for eating crackers
Hugh Dancy....mmmmm, british accent
6. Movie that you are embarrased you love as much as you do
The Cutting Edge, Toe-pick?
7. Are you a secret groupie for anything other than Harry Potter
I'm a theater nut so I am a groupie for shows, especially RENT. I have gotten up before the sun on more than one occasion to get good seats for that show
8. For the fandom folks, your ship of choice
I have actually never read a fanfic. I guess I'm still a fandom virgin, and I'm okay with that
9. Favorite candy
Those little gummy candies that are supposed to be like berries, the have the crunchy little beads on them
10. How are you six degrees from Kevin Bacon?
My friends second cousin? (what is your relation to your dads cousin?) is married to Kevin Pollack, he was in A Few Good Men with Kevin Bacon. So thats what? 4 degrees?

So I hope these questions aren't to painful. Feel free to add any other curiosities.
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