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Pirating in ... to issue a challenge! Help Katrina victims

Arg... I'm boarding you... just to make this challenge. I'm from Tony Toledo's house and I want to issue you a challenge. This could also be your unity project. So here it is... assist the victims of Hurricane Katrina by donating as much as you can to any organizations that is and will assist the victims of Katrina.

I'd like to take this moment to ask for the assistance of house Domus Rox. We have a great community and I'm excited to meet you all (even if you didn't get into Toledo's house ;-)).

If you're not an American, I'm not sure if you know but the gulf coast was hit by a category 4 hurricane called Katrina. At this moment, the people that stayed in this region have been devistated and have lost everything. To add injury to insult though, there has been a shortage in needed life sustaining supplies, such as water, food and shelter. People are living in contaminated and unsanitary conditions and people are dying in the streets.

The victims of Katrina have been calling out for help and it's time we assist them. I call upon all of you to please donate as much as you can. Even a dollar is appreciated, because dollars add up. So I call on our house... PLEASE DONATE to some organization that will assist.

The American Red Cross ( is one such that accepts donations online.

Here's another link of charitable organizations involved in the Hurricane Katrina relief.

Thanks once again!

Tony Toledo's House
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