Mary E. Gober (missmarypotter) wrote in roxannes_house,
Mary E. Gober

Shipping Time

Okay, I ordered a shirt and a button from our shop on August 23. It arrived today, August 29. So that should give you an idea of shipping time at standard delivery costs (my order cost $4.30 to ship). The quality is good, and I am very happy with the products. So that being said I recommend that the latest you should order a shirt or whatever from the shop is September 29th, 2005--in order for it to get to you before the conference. There is express shipping but it will cost you. So order early. Cafepress is very quick about things, but remember all printing takes time.

I intend to update one of the mini posters, for posting on hotel room doors something like "Domus Rox Crossing" or something like that. But if you think that is lame, let me know. I just want something that will tell others that Domus Rox, Rocks! Maybe "Rockin' Here!" Lemme know what you think.

My heart goes out to any witches or wizards caught in the rath of Katrina. Blessed be.
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